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A Blending of Artistry and Ecology

Beautiful, thriving, and sustainable landscapes are becoming the signature of forward-thinking communities across the West. Using local plants requires far less fertilizer, pesticides, and water, and is also cost efficient

A sustainable landscape can include any type of landscape style:

  • Rocky Mountain
  • French Country
  • English Cottage
  • Tuscan—Old World
  • Japanese
  • Contemporary
  • Etc…

ADL employs many tactics to reduce water usage while improving durability and drought tolerance. The following are some of the new and established technologies that we utilize:

Incorporating sustainable design principles into our landscapes.

Incorporating horticultural polymers, Watersorb, and organic composts into the landscaping

Utilizing state-of-the-art irrigation design and technology to reduce water consumption

Using water-permeable landscape materials

Recycling limbs, grass clippings, and any other organic materials, which are made into compost